Engineering and Entrepreneurial Expertise to Cover Different Project Needs

Self Consumption Renewable Energy (Solar/ Wind), Energy Storage, Hybrid Energy Complex, Heat Conversion

Bridging Technological Boundaries Through Extensive
Engineering & Entrepreneurial Expertise

At ingfeld, we have extensive engineering and entrepreneurial expertise in variety of different project needs. This makes it possible for us to reach an ideal position to bridge technological boundaries and to conceptualise state-of-the-art engineering solutions. ingfeld is unique in its ability to meet specific needs of the project.

Project Conceptualisation, Development and Realisation for
Self Consumption Solar/ Wind Power, Energy Storage, Heat Conversion

The business segments we are currently engaged in comprise such important sectors of Solar/ Wind and other Renewable Energie sources as Self Consumption, Energy Storage, Heat Conversion as well as Hybrid Energy Complex. We review your enterprise’s energy load profile, carry out the project conceptualisation, development and realisation and provide the related consultancy services.

Segments Overview (currently engaged):

  • Self Consumption Solar Power (PV, Co-Development, Energy Storage, Conceptualisation, OE)

  • Direct Energy Marketing (PV, Conceptualisation, OE, OA)

  • Hybrid Energy Complex (PV, Energy Storage, CHP, OE, OA)

  • Existing Energy Complex Due Diligence and PV Performance Optimisation (PV, Co-Acquisition, OE)

  • International Project Owner’s Engineering, OA Europe (PV, Wind, OE, OA)

  • Self Consumption/ Direct Energy Marketing (PV, Co-Development, Conceptualisation, OE)

  • Existing Energy Complex Due Diligence (PV, OE/OA)


* OE = Owner’s Engineer
* OA = Owner’s Advisor

Kimihiko AdachiSelf Consumption Solar and Wind Power, Germany & Europe – Segments