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Our Services for Renewable Energy Plant Owners in Germany and Europe

Overview of Our Services for Renewable Energy Plant Owners

Co-Development Solar Power Plants, Owner’s Engineering, Plant Management & Technical Advisory Services

Our service offer for Renewable Energy – Solar/ Wind – Plant Owners in Germany and Europe comprises services such as Project Co-Development for Solar and RE Plants, Owner’s Engineering, Planning, Project Management, Plant & Facility Technical Management and Monitoring as well as Technical Advisory Services.

Our Service Categories:

Co-Development Solar Power Plants & RE Plants

Including new schemes such as self consumption, energy storage and energy management

Owner’s Engineer

Conceptual, Basic & Detail engineering, Project Management and Supervision, Plant & Facility Optimization


Modelling, Technology and equipment/material concept, Energy supply concept (direct supply under PPA, storage and management, conservation/green/CO2 reduction mechanism, distribution and grid management), Green/Eco Marketing and PR concept


Project management and control, Project supervision, Documentation, Technical training for the customer’s staff

Plant & Facility Technical Management/ Monitoring

(Annual Contract Basis)


Technical due diligence, Site assessment, Re-modelling concepts, Appraisals for use by third parties, Project budget costing, Analysis of existing concepts, Investors’ documentation

Innovation & State-of-the-art solution

Solutions for time-critical or difficult project problems

Kimihiko AdachiCo-Development Solar Power Plants – Service Scope