Expertise in Renewable Energies

Extensive Expertise and Experience in Renewable Energy Engineering

Sustainable Energy Generation & Self-Consumption

Expertise in Engineering and Development for Renewable Energy Plants/ Solar and Wind Power Plants

Specialized Engineering & Entrepreneurial Skills for Superior Sustainable Returns and Best Return on Investment


Our energy experts combine many years of development and technological expertise with specialized engineering & entrepreneurial skills in the field of renewable energies/ solar and wind energy. This ensures superior sustainable returns for our customers in a rapidly changing energy market.

We evaluate investment opportunities, co-develop projects, conceptualize and implement:

  • Existing plant & facility optimisation
  • Energy marketing & usage optimisation
  • Self-consumption implementation
  • Energy storage implementation
  • Distribution grid management optimisation.

We also simulate for the concepts with the best return on investment, technological and commercial alternatives, and marketing concept for the long term.


Our expertise comprises:

  • Exclusive Owner’s Engineer capability (engineering design using the most suitable and advanced technology; realisation of true energy cost reduction with clean energy; highest skilled team to complete the construction in high quality and short time)
  • Capability to provide Marketing & PR services during and after the construction to present complementary and intangible effects
  • Capability to provide further long term consultancy advisory in the area of energy efficiency for the entire building and offices (optional)

Committed to Realise Clean Energy Solutions


We work in very open-minded environment and in well-equipped team spirit. We are persons of high integrity and highly motivated mind for realizing clean energy solution and environment in the dynamic era of the energy transformation.

We have natural desire to promote substantially the recognition and good image of clean energy and its solution and to make sure it will be well perceived in the market.

Kimihiko AdachiExpertise in Engineering and Development for Renewable Energy Plants