Services Overview

Co-Developer, Owner’s Engineer, Plant & Facility Manager

State-of-the-Art Services and Solutions for Renewable Power Plants and Facilities

Co-Developer, Owner’s Engineer, Plant & Facility Manager
Germany & Europe

Throughout the entire process we act as the co-developer, owner’s engineer as well as plant and facility manager. From the planning through the concept development, investment implementation, project execution and supervision to facility and system management in the long term – we develop the best available solution to meet the actual customer’s needs and thus provide all or just single customised services for companies in Germany and Europe.

Particular Focus: Owner’s Engineering, Concept Development and Realisation for Renewable Energy Self-Consumption & Direct Marketing, Energy Storage

Areas of our particular focus are owner’s engineering with extraordinary expertise, development and implementation of concepts for both self-consumption of self-generated clean energy and direct marketing based on the EEG 2014, energy storage scheme combination with local area distribution grid management, existing power plant and facility optimization with state-of-the-art technological solutions, technical management and monitoring of plants facilities and systems, energy efficiency & conservation, environmentally friendly and green infrastructure concepts as well as marketing & PR concepts.

ingfeld - Owner’s Engineer and Technical Advisory Solar Power Plants; Solar Power Plant Optimisation Solutions

Technical Advisory/ Solar Power Plant Optimisation

Technical Advisory Services, Technical Due Diligence,
Modelling & Re-Modelling Concepts

We provide customized advisory services, technical due diligence, modelling and re-modelling concepts, marketing and PR concepts, appraisals for third-party usability, tender procedures RFQ and bid evaluation, project management & supervision, and offer technical training for the customer’s staff.

Plant Management, Monitoring & Optimisation
for Renewable Energy Plants

We also provide our customers with a full range of extraordinary and customized technical management/monitoring services of the plants and facilities with analysis and documentation of plant facilities, system performance and operational condition.

Return on investment oriented, always providing outstanding quality, innovative and state-of-the-art solutions as well as adherence to the project schedule and the cost security – these are the principles we are guided by in our entire work.

Kimihiko AdachiOwner’s Engineer and Technical Advisory Solar/Wind Energy – Services Overview